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At Master Principles of Accounts, we want students to feel confident that our content is right for them. So we are offering a free mini course which include instructional videos, practice questions, study material and step-by step solutions.

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Accounting Mini Course

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Get an overview of a business financial statements, sharpen your accounting equation, test your bookkeeping skills and start your journey towards accounting by mastering double entries.

This free accounting mini-course is based on the 7086/7087 GCE O/N Level Principles of Accounts Syllabus. In this course, you will learn to see the business numbers from the eyes of an accountant.

We show you how with step-by-step training videos then you check what you’ve learnt with our practice questions.

What topics will you cover?

  • Overview of income statement (or Statement of financial performance) and balance sheet (or Statement of financial position)
  • Accounting Principles governing the accounting cycle
  • How to Dissect and record accounting information from business transactions in double entry format.
  • In-depth video training of double entries for a small business
  • Downloadable course material to practice bookkeeping/ recording journal entries of business transactions
  • Gorgeously designed summary sheet of the accounting cycle
  • Glossary: Important accounting and finance terms that we use in our training videos.

Our online accounting mini course is designed to teach you a specific bookkeeping skillset in a small business set up, with step-by-step video guidance. Whether you want to review a weak concept or master an answering technique, our mini-course is a great way to start.


Who is this course suitable for?

Beside students taking the GCE O/N Level Principles of Accounts Syllabus in Singapore, our free online accounting courses is also suitable for those without any background in principles of accounts and are planning to become an accountant in a diploma or accountancy degree course.
Students who are taking the LCCI Bookkeeping, ACCA qualification, financial management or financial accounting modules in business or finance course can benefit from this short course.

Is this suitable for a business owner?

If you are a small business owner, you can also have an appreciation of the double entry accounting works through this short course, which is different from cash flow statements.
However, for small business accounting, you may benefit more from computerized accounting in your financial reporting. This free online accounting training programme does not replace professional advice. Please ask your accountant if you are unsure.

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The Master Principles of Accounts online course is everything you need to learn, apply and master accounting concepts to excel in your principles of accounts GCE O and N level examination!

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“I also want to let you know that in an attempt to help my son, my hubs watched the videos as well and he said your explanation is very clear. ???????? My hubs is not the type who is easily impressed. ????”

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