POA Basics Coverage for

7086/7087 GCE N/O Level Principles of Accounts (New Syllabus, first examinable in 2021)

The schedule for November and December 2020 holidays are out! The Master Principles of Accounts Basics Program is suitable for students taking the 7086/7087 GCE O/N Level exams in 2021/2022.

This program is specifically designed to help students master the basics of double entries and financial statements and builds a strong foundation to complete the Sec 4 program in 2021.

Suitable candidates for the MPOA Basics Program:

  1. Students absolutely new to accounting (e.g in Sec 3 POA student) in 2021
  2. Understand that accounting = math is a myth. It is a business language, that if taught rightly, can be understood and applied with common sense.
  3. Sec 3 students in 2020 going to Sec 4 in 2021 who have done poorly for end-of-year exams and willing to throw away bad experiences to rebuild the basics.
  4. Home-schoolers/Private candidates (with or without prior learning experience) taking the GCE O/N level POA exams in 2020/2021

This program is not suitable for you if you:

  1. Insist that POA = Math and not open to change.
  2. Scored B3 and above for EOY exams in Sec 3 (get on the Headstart Program instead)
  3. Prefer and determined to memorise formats and ledgers in Principles of Accounts.

Holiday Schedule for Nov/Dec 2020

For POA students going to Sec 3 (2021) and Sec 4/5 (2021)

LESSON 1: DOUBLE ENTRIES10/11 (TUES) 5:30PM-7PM13/11 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM14/11 (SAT) 10-11:30AM
LESSON 2: LEDGERS17/11 (TUES) 5:30PM-7PM20/11 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM21/11 (SAT) 10-11:30AM
LESSON 3: TRIAL BALANCE24/11 (TUES) 5:30PM-7PM27/11 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM28/11 (SAT) 10-11:30AM
LESSON 4: FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 130/11 (MON) 5:30PM-7PM4/12 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM5/12 (SAT) 10-11:30AM
LESSON 5: FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 28/12 (TUES) 5:30PM-7PM11/11 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM12/12 (SAT) 10-11:30AM
LESSON 6: REVISION15/12 (TUES) 5:30PM-7PM17/11 (FRI) 10:30 AM -12PM19/12 (SAT) 10-11:30AM

Classroom Locations