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If you failed your Sec 3 WA2 or Sec 4 Mid Year Exams or maybe you just want a head-start on Term 3 topics, we are here to help!

Our June Holidays Master POA Crash Course focuses on helping you catch up on the topics you are weak at – whether it’s the double-entry foundations or heavy markers topics in Sec 4. 

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The Right Programme Makes All The Difference​

The select topical workshops are in their 14th year running and the topics are curated and delivered by MOE-trained tutors who are familiar with the latest 7086/7087 syllabus to help you master these important topics comprehensively and quickly.

The coverage is designed for students with some prior knowledge and intends to master the key concepts and exam strategies to score the best in these heavy markers.

POA Crash Course Students will have access to the topical recordings signed up for with access up till the GCE O/N Level POA exam date in 2022.


What You Get

  • All new students who sign up for the bundle course will be given a complimentary, physical copy of Master POA’s famous Study Guide mailed to your home. 
  • Starter packs for foundation classes written by ex-MOE Senior Teacher Joy Ang specially for students who are attending the basic lessons.
  • In-depth comprehensive live  lessons, in-class polls and quizzes, handwritten answers and recordings
  • Plus an all-new interactive quiz pack with instant feedback!


COSTS Per Lesson

SEC 4/5

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Sec 4 5 OLevelSec 4 NLevel


Basic Lessons

Double Entry (Part 1 )31st May Tuesday7pm to 8.30pmJoy
Double Entry (Part 2)3rd JuneFriday7pm to 8.30pmJoy
Double Entry (Part 1 - Re-run)4th JuneSaturday2.30pm to 4.30pmJoy
Double Entry (Part 2 - Re-run)8th JuneWednesday5pm to 6.30pmJoy

Sec 3 Schedule – POA BASICS SERIES

Trial Balance9th JuneThursday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb
Financial Statements (1 of 2)7th JuneTuesday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb
Financial Statements (2 of 2)14th June Tuesday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb
Revision Chapters (1-5)18th JuneSaturday9am to 10.30amCaleb
Revenue and Other Income10th JuneFriday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb
Cost of Sales and Expense17th JuneFriday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb
Revision Chapters (6-7)24th JuneFriday5pm to 6.30pmCaleb

Sec 4 (N Level & O Level) 

Revenue and Other Income4th JuneSaturday2pm to 4pmCaleb
Cost of Sales and Expense7th JuneTuesday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Depreciation and Accumulated Depreciation8th JuneWednesday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Sale of Non-Current Asset (O Level only)9th JuneThursday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Allowance for Impairment on Trade Receivables10th JuneFriday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Balance Day Adjustments11th June Saturday2pm to 4pmCaleb
Financial Ratio (Part 1) (O Level only)13th JuneMonday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Financial Ratio (Part 2) (O Level only)16th JuneThursday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Financial Ratio (Part 3) (O Level only)17th JuneFriday7pm to 9pmCaleb
Scenario-Based Questions18th JuneSaturday2pm to 4pmJoy + Caleb
Long-Term Borrowing20th JuneMonday7pm to 9pmCaleb

Your Instructors


The POA Holiday Workshop is fast-paced. You will need to have your basic double entries solid before joining us. If your double entries are weak, we recommend you join the MPOA Basics class ahead of the workshop.

Refer to the schedule above for the list of topics covered.

Not learning well on Zoom may be a result of technical problems (spoilt microphone or webcam), easy distraction or ability to concentrate.

Our learning platform provides the over-the-shoulder experience where students’ work is tracked live. This includes a collaborative board and private homework room where you can engage by writing, highlighting POA notes while a lesson is ongoing, downloading PDFs and getting your homework marked live. Preview the video of the LIVE lesson here. (Embed video in this link) 

If you are unsure the platform fits you, enquire via the WhatsApp button or the form below. We can make an assessment from there.

In our experience, 3 out of 10 enquiries from parents are with kids that are unable to concentrate online and the results show for other subjects they have attempted. We are happy to make alternative arrangements for face to face classes subject to the availability of our tutors. A no-obligation chat is the easiest to find an arrangement that works for you. 

Beside topics marked ‘O levels,’ all other topics are suitable for both levels.
The bundle package for 7 select topics will be $450 (usual $525)

Your child will have access to all the recordings for the topical lessons signed up for until 15 November 2022 or the end of exams, whichever is later. Consultations for the June intensive topics can be booked with our MPOA tutor for these topics within the June holidays.
Students who continue with us for our regular weekly lessons from July onwards can consult for these topics as well.

The lesson link will be sent to you upon completion of registration and payment for the lessons.

Our lessons can be viewed on-demand. Students who view it on-demand can arrange for a consultation with the tutor via our online learning platform.

Yes, the recordings will be available for review up to the current year’s GCE O/N Level exams.

You may contact our head of administration, Tabby at 92337246 to find out more about our regular weekly lessons.

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