POA Tuition classes for Students Struggling with the 7086/7087 GCE O/N Level Principles of Accounts


  • Is struggling with the changing syllabus. I
  • Is Hard working but unsure what went wrong
  • Tried ‘figuring it out’ themselves and there’s no breakthroughs
  • Is ‘Woke’ last minute
  • Memorised to the tears the multitude of financial statement formats and theories

The difference between a pass and a fail POA grade could mean…

  • Dropping an exhausting subject that requires heavy coursework…
  • Free-ing up time to focus on other ‘important’ subjects
  • Getting the dream subject combination in Poly/JCs

Hi, my name is Caleb

For the past 12 years since graduating from Nanyang Business School with an accountancy degree, I’ve been helping students with improving their failing F9 grades to A1-B4 in the GCE N/O Level POA examinations in Singapore.

You see, when I was struggling as an accounting undergrad with no background at all in the debits and credits, I wish someone would explain it to me in a jargon-free, relatable way.

As a humanities major in Anglo-Chinese Junior College, I appreciated accountancy as a business language. I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I figured out how to distill accounting concepts for my first POA student and wrote the first study guide at 24 years old. Since then, we build Master Principles of Accounts with the same passion of making it accessible to new and struggling learners – to be the tutor we wish we had when we were struggling ourselves.

More than a thousand students have graduated through our doors since 2008. Some of them have even became auditors, including my first student (thankfully!)


When I first started POA in Sec 3 it seemed very foreign to me. I would often feel lost in class. It was very tedious studying POA as I was always one step behind the teacher so I ended up memorising the double entries. Doing so got me barely scraping through the exams, leaving me discouraged and wanting to give up.

One day, while I was cramming for my MYE in the library, my friend, Simran, saw that I was so distraught she rendered help.

I was amazed at her understanding of the topic as she had explained to me in a very clear and concise manner. Out of curiosity I asked how she did it . She told me that she tried to understand the concepts rather than memorising them. She also said that she used the Master Principles of Accounts study guide extensively for her revisions.

That changed my perspective on POA and motivated me to better my revision methods. I started using the MPOA study guide into my revision. The smarter approach helped me improved and maintain a B3 throughout Secondary 4 and I scored a B3 for my N levels.

When I went on to Sec 5, however, I realised that I had to further improve my learning methods as the gap in Sec 5 was immense and that’s when I joined Caleb’s Master Principles of Accounts tuition.

With his guidance and consistent revision, the transition between N to O levels was much smoother . Caleb‘s fervour and dedication as a tutor deepened my interest in POA; I thrive in the subject I was able to jump to an A2 by the end of my Secondary 5. With consistent practice and proper guidance, anyone can excel in POA

Caleb taught me easier methods to tackle different type of questions than what I learnt from the school teacher. With his guidance and consistent revision, I was able to jump to an A2 by the end of my Sec 5.

Anna Naveen

Bartley Secondary School, 2019

The Master POA Difference

  • Unlike most tuition centres, we only offer accountancy tuition – this is our speciality since the inception of the company in 2008.
  • We meet POA students where they are. More than 90% of the students who come to us struggle with the basics.
    For these students, tear down the broken pieces and build the foundation from-scratch, like a blank-canvas
  • We focus on the common mistakes and core financial concepts. We identify the common pitfalls and mistakes so that when they make them, we emphasise these are the things to watch for.
  • We intentionally approach POA differently from the teacher in schools. I mean, if the school teacher method works, why does the POA student need help? The teaching methods are approached from a lifeskill perspective, designed for concept stickiness because of its real-life application.
  • We design our curriculum in-house, specifically for struggling students. Whether it’s the gorgeously illustrated study guide, or our 180 sets of topical worksheets or even our state-of-the-art learning management systems with clear explanations in video recordings, our POA students are in safe hands.


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The basics POA course is specifically designed for totally new or struggling students who need help with the basic double entries. The building blocks of the accounting concepts will help accelerate the learning for more advanced topics.

  • Experience the Master POA tutor difference and get acquainted with our POA tutor’s teaching style
  • Go through our POA Basics Diagnostics Test to see if you are suitable for this class
  • Accounting Concepts
  • 3 Steps to Perfect Double Entries
  • The Brilliant Design of the Double Entry System
  • Contra-Accounts and Multi-accounts
  • Transferring Double Entries to Ledgers
  • Private candidates or
    Home-schoolers, new to POA.
  • Students who are new to accountancy courses in poly and universities who need an introduction and broad overview of the subject
  • Learners interested in the mechanism of the double entry system with the help of a POA tutor

The basics class is a 2-lesson online,
LIVE-Class with the POA Tutor.
Students who have attended our FREE MINI-COURSE can skip lesson 1 and dive right into Lesson 2.

If someone who hates memorising like me can help so many struggling students first pass, then excel in POA, so can you. – Caleb, The POA Tutor

During our regular POA tuition class, students will apply the foundation debits and credits against the advanced topics. Using real life examples, Caleb the POA tutor, breaks down the complex jargons and help students apply them in the POA exam.

  • Have gone through the POA Basics Class
  • Understand (not memorised) how the double-entry system works and can record basic transactions. (Unsure? Take the diagnostics)
  • Need to close concepts and application gaps for specific chapters or
  • Need regular revision for exam preparation
  • Once-a-week, 1.5 hour onsite or online class with the POA tutor at Bedok, Kovan and Jurong East
  • Consultation with private virtual assignment rooms.


Small-classes are conducted throughout the week. The average class size of 6-8 is designed for maximum impact.


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The POA Tutor

Master Principles of Accounts is founded by Caleb Ho, experienced POA tutor, author and award winner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to TED conference. Caleb is an accounting graduate from Nanyang Business School, NTU.

Can I sign up for a trial lesson?

You can sign up for our trial lesson to see how our tutors simplify POA concepts.
As seats at our venue are limited, please sign up as soon as possible and we will reserve a slot for you. Click here to find out more.

Are there online POA lessons?

Yes, students can attend POA class online like it is home tuition. Click here to find out more about our online classes.

How many students are there in each class?

Achieving results for our students is the number 1 priority, therefore we keep our class sizes small by capping it 8 students in each class. Currently, due to social distancing measures, each classroom can only accommodate 8 students for physical lessons. Click here for our tuition schedules and fees.

Are group lessons effective for POA?

POA is a principles-based subject. In many instances, the ‘ah-ha’ moments happen when a student asks a question that another didn’t think about asking – but it is that exact question that clears the knowledge gap. Similarly, when a difficult concept is experienced by everyone, no individual student feels that they are alone struggling. The in-class discussions and pacing with other students often reinforces the cadence needed to keep learning motivating.

In some cases, however, students may require 1:1 attention from a patient teacher, especially if attention span or learning difficulty is a proven issue for learners in a group setting.

Do you offer 1:1 POA Tuition?

Yes, we understand that in some situations, students may have difficulty attending group lessons on site or online. If you require a private accounting tutor, one of our partner POA teacher (some ex teacher, trained in MPOA framework, no less) will assist.
Please call us to enquire about availability for a home tutor.

How is a typical class conducted?

How to teach Principles of Accounts

Master POA follows the LEAP framework using real-life, age-appropriate examples to help students connect POA concepts with common sense, day-to-day activities:


Details of the framework is proprietary. Suffice to say, students move from L – P in that exact order.
The phrase ‘if it doesn’t make sense, it’s wrong, regardless the format.’ We detest memorisation without common sense to a great degree. If you are huge on memorisation, we are not a good fit for you.

Is the basics class compulsory?

Short answer: Yes and No. (typical teacher answer?).

The building blocks of understanding that aggregate towards the core topics in the curriculum requires that the foundation is correctly built. We liken this to be like the foundations of a building. The deep work is done in the foundation and development is accelerated when there is a firm foundation. Students who memorised double entries might have done well in the early tests. But cracks will show up in the double entry diagnostic tests if the basics was memorised rather than understood.

When are your POA classes and location?

Details of our POA class schedule can be found via this link. We update this regularly with new classes opening regularly.

What are the POA tuition rates?

Our POA tuition fees start from as low as $240 for 4 lessons, depending on the level and format selected. The fees are fixed at the start of registration to the end of the course, therefore we encourage you to register early. Get more info on our tuition rates by clicking here.

Looking for a POA Tuition Centre?

POA Tuition Class

At Master Principles of Accounts, we operate our classes within the premises of our partner tuition centres. Our unique curriculum is available near you with this arrangement.

How about POA Crash Courses? Do you have them?

2021 POA Crash Course

Yes – our popular POA crash course started since 2009 with materials revamped every time the syllabus changes. With Covid-19, the format has changed a little but still jam-packed with goodness. Find out more about our June Holiday Program here.

2021 POA Tuition Singapore by Master Principles of Accounts

Master Principles of Accounts POA Tuition program is designed to help struggling students to thrive in the 7086/7087 GCE O/N Level Principles of Accounts exams. Since inception, our POA tuition classes have helped more than 1,000 students excel in accounting.

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