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Principles of Accounting aims to provide candidates with a foundation course in accounting at a breadth and depth appropriate to the A-Level. It is designed to provide candidates with a sound understanding of financial and managerial accounting procedures and an appreciation of its role in society. The teaching approach emphasises the broad educational aspects of the subject rather than one which is vocational or professional in nature. There is no requirement to learn the published accounting standards. Prior knowledge is not necessary for students offering this syllabus. It is not the intent of this syllabus to be a pre-requisite for any business-related courses.

The last examination series for Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Higher 2 (2019) will be November 2019.

From 2020 this syllabus will be replaced by the updated syllabus, Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Higher 2 (9593)

lastest syllabus

9593 Principles of Accounting

basic lessons supported

Online course program for double entries and ledgers


The GCE A Level Principles of Accounts past years’ question papers are available for sale only through Singapore Examination and Assessment Board’s (SEAB) authorised publishers.

Due to the very small nature of each A level POA cohort, direct ordering from the publisher is the only option to obtain the authorised version of the A Level POA ten-year series. 

You can contact any one of the publishers directly below. Please note that these papers may not reflect the content of the current syllabus. Students registered with Master Principles of Accounts can download select walk-through solutions and early release materials (where applicable) from our password protected MPOA Learning portal, where a much wider selection of additional learning materials, learner’s guide, infographics are available to download.

Ever been there? The confusion between financial and managerial accounting

GCE A Level Principles of Accounting (9755) Higher 2 Extent (Pages) Breakdown: Last Quotation: $33.60 by EPH (Popular World), 2017 Purchase Hardcopy Online To help students who wish to purchase A Level Principles of Accounting Ten-Year Series without needing to contact each publisher individually, you may use the form on the right/below to make your enquiry. The enquiry will reach all four publishers simultaneously and they will response directly to your email or mobile number. Do note that the publishers do not have the official mark scheme for sale. By using the form, you agree that your personal information may be used for various purposes including analytics and personalised marketing. If you do not agree, please do not use the form and contact the publishers directly via the contact details given above

We provide a wide range of support so that students get the best possible preparation for GCE Principles of Accounts programmes and qualifications.

For students who register at Master Principles of Accounts Portal, notes, summary sheets and exam walk-through questions are provided to help them succeed in the examinations.

Private candidates benefit most from this arrangement as study guides and notes are not readily available for students who are not enrolled in the (only) mainstream school that is offering this subject in the A-Level cohort.

What People are Saying

Hear what our past students say!

I am very grateful to have had Caleb as my Accounting tutor! Prior to meeting him, I continuously struggled with accounting until I met Caleb who translated the subject into a language that I was able to understand.. at the same time, he managed to make it interesting by using examples to help me better grasp the principles behind Accounting.”
Mark Nicols
University of Nothingham
“I am glad I’ve found Caleb to help me with my fundamentals in accounting. He is a very patient tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to help students. In addition… each lesson is carefully planned according to the student’s progress to achieve maximum results. Thank you for making accounting so enjoyable!”
University of Western Austria


How much is the POA Tuition Rates for A Level Accounting?

A level accounting tuition fee is $80 per hour for 1:1 with a minimum of 2 hours per session. Self-form revision groups get a cheaper rate per student. Please call to enquire.