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straits times student interview

[On lessons with Caleb Ho..] Singapore Polytechnic graduate Wong Ping Fang, 20, says she had tuition for three subjects - principles of accounting, financial and management accounting, and financial analysis and management - in the first two years of her studies. She says: "I wasn't taught accounting in secondary school, so I was clueless about it when I entered poly. I signed up for tuition because I thought I might fail my subjects, and my tutor helped me understand the complex accounting terms and concepts." She believes the extra coaching helped her score As for all three subjects. She is now a first-year business administration undergraduate at the National University of Singapore.

Wong Ping Fang, ST Interview FEB 8 2015

'He goes for tuition... and he's in poly'


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St Gabriel Secondary School

The course allowed me to group tough concepts like bank reconciliation and was very effective in helping me improve in POA. Now I am very confident.

Compassvale Secondary School

When I first started, I hated POA to the core, especially certain topics. But after joining Caleb's tuition, my POA improved tremendously to an a1. I loved the lessons. It wasn't like a normal tuition where it ...

Beatty Secondary School

Course were helpful but duration was too long. Lost my concentration but did benefit from it as it clears my doubts and what im not sure of.

Montfort secondary school

Before meeting Caleb, I know almost nothing about POA. Caleb has motivated me to do well in POA. He has also boost my confidence for POA.

Compasavalle Secondary School

I had fun and benefitted greatly from it. Caleb has made the lesson fun and enjoyable with his very very very funny jokes. My POA has improved quite a lot. I think that you should maybe explain slower ...

Outram Secondary School

Caleb makes poa fun and engaging.and also interesting.instead of memorizing formats,he explains it in such a way that is different from schools and it is easy to understand like as if it is common knowledge. He ...

Presbyterian High School

changed venues many time but it was worth it.  understand settled in tuition compared to learning the topics in school! Used different teaching techniques to allow us to understand better too!

Punggol Secondary School

When I first started learning poa, I barely could keep up and after joining caleb's class, in a few months I was back on par with my other classmates.thus, I really recommend caleb as he maked the subject ...

Geylang Methodist Secondary School

I hated poa ever since the star. Even though now I still hated it, I am glad that I improved and taken some liking to it. Being in caleb's class gave me a very enjoyable time.in a very short time,I went from...

St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

Caleb is very patient, kind and understanding towards his students. He does as much as he can to help his students and I am very grateful that I've attended his tuition classes :) His teaching methods are really helpful too!

Outram Secondary School

I really think the tuition helped me understand POA better. I have a bad understanding with most chapters but I started understanding chapters better after the tuition

Greendale Secondary School

Caleb makes learning poa fun, interesting and easy. Lessons are easy to understand and interesting.

Jurong Secondary School

Before I joined Caleb’s tuition I was struggling with various POA topics that were being taught in secondary 4. Furthermore I was not able to allocate time to practice my POA except during my POA lessons itself. However, after joining this...

Greendale Secondary School

I used to hate POA alot before joining tuition but now I find it quite enjoyable thanks to your teachings which made it easy for me to understand the topics and the class helped contribute to make learning POA fun for me.Good luck Caleb

Montfort Secondary School

I started having Poa tuition with Caleb in sec3 and before I had tuition,I was getting F9 and E8 for all my poa tests an exam. I was really demoralised but after Caleb's help for a few months my grade jumped from a E8 to an A2.Eventhough Sec 4...

Deyi Secondary School

"Caleb is hands down the most reliable and efficient teacher! With his tips and tricks, I remember so much more about POA than i've ever had. He has made every lesson eventful, and is very caring and mindful of every individual's learning...

Dunman Secondary School

Caleb is a fantastic POA tutor. Before knowing him i got F9 for POA most of the time during early Sec 3. After going for his tuition, it became A1 in a matter of 2 months! It has been 1.5 years since i joined him and my grades have been...

Pei Hwa Secondary School

Caleb is a friendly and patient tutor who makes lesson interesting and fun to learn POA. He creates that conducive environment for everyone to feel safe to ask question. He comes out with real life examples which helps the class understand...

St. Gabriel's Secondary School

Really enjoyed Caleb's lessons, a lot more than I expected. When I first started attending his lessons, I thought that POA was a very hard to manage subject but my mindset totally changed after his lessons. He makes POA seem manageable and in...

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

All horrible and re used jokes aside XD, I find that Caleb is one of the most amazing and effective teacher ive encountered. He mananged to pull me out of the "fail zone" and helped me have a better grasp on POA. Joining his class have helped me...


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