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We Help Students Struggling with Accounting Worldwide, from Singapore.

The problems for beginning accounting learners such as yourself, who is trying to push pass the double entries, are obvious – not knowing what you don’t know.

And an overload of information without guidance when you are confused. That’s why we created a new type of education platform that gives people like us access to a world-class education in-class or from the comfort of our own homes.

If you need a safe space to make mistakes while ‘figuring out’ how accounting works with guidance, Master Principles of Accounts is the space for you.

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Our Story & Vision

Jump Grades Education was founded by Caleb Ho in 2008 when he began as a struggling accounting undergraduate from Nanyang Business School (NTU) in Singapore.

Master Principles of Accounts was born out from the pain of getting Cs and Fs the first time in Caleb’s academic journey. He wanted to be a tutor he wish he had when he was struggling.

At 23, Caleb wrote his first study guide, Jump Grades’ Guide to Excelling in Principles of Accounts, which was widely popular for being packed with exam tips and common mistakes students trip over in the exams.

In 2011, he was awarded a scholarship by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to attend TEDActive in Palm Springs, where he witness the power of education facilitated by technology.

In 2014, Jump Grades Education was converted into a private limited, with the same name – to accomodate the growing demand for accounting education islandwide Singapore.

In 2018, combining his love for edutech, financial literacy and making accounting education accessible, the Master Principles of Accounts student learning portal was born.

Our Vision is to make quality financial education available to all through exceptional delivery of key financial concepts to help our young learners make sound decisions based on facts and ability to think using logic, zero-ing only on what’s important in a world of information overload.

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A Powerful Community of Accounting Learners

There is so much more to learn as a community.


Caleb walks you through the thinking process and teaches you how to tackle exam questions by making things easier to understand.

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