Teaching and learning MODEL

Our teaching and learning model understands and is designed for students who struggle with accounting.


Our LEAP framework helps students learn 4x faster. Without the memory work.

MPOA Teach and Learn Framework

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“If it’s not logical, it’s wrong”
All accounting concepts are explained and broken down into an every-day, age-appropriate language that even a 14-year old can understand. 


Once the logic is established, students are led through a step-by-step approach to simplifying every single exam question into a HBUL equation.

The HBUL METHOD is developed and refined over the years to address as much as 90% of the syllabus that requires journal entries. This method is base on a simple, everyday experience every student would have gone through and is dependent on logic rather than memory – making POA fun and alive.


In practising a range of questions, students learn of the nuances which questions are phrased and what concepts the examiner is testing for.


The relevant information in extended problem questions and case studies is often not arranged in a clear logical order. By working on such materials, students learn to identify, select and organise relevant information.


“Small details matter.”
At this stage, students apply the
HBUL Method on their practice sets. Mistakes at this stage are expected and in fact, encouraged.

Here, students are made aware of the nuances of the accounting language.  Students who are encouraged to be fearless and let their individual logic-flaws surface so we can fix it.


Desired outcomes of students going through the Master Principles of Accounts Program

The MPOA Student

Our Core Beliefs

#1 Life Skill

Provide a thinking framework for making sound financial decisions, beyond the textbook

#2 Own Pace

Lessons are structured for students who need just a bit more time and space to learn and grow

#3 Safe Space

MPOA is a safe space to make mistakes. Mistakes are expected and in fact, encouraged

#4 Excellence

Our tutors are top accounting graduates, NIE-trained former MOE teachers, 2nd-generation business owners.

#5 Equipping

Carefully crafted materials with age-appropriate examples and scenarios targetted and designed for new 15-16 year old accounting learners

#6 Empower

Develop a sense of ownership in learning journey and learn to apply lifeskills to master their financial destinies
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