The Pearson LCCI level 1 qualification aims to enable candidates to develop an understanding of the basic principles underlying the recording of business transactions, the essential skills and knowledge needed to maintain the books and prepare final accounts for sole traders. This includes the record of receipt and payment of CASH.

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Learn about bookkeeping standards and practices for the recording of transactions, including how to do bank reconciliations.

Accounting principles are a framework for recording and interpreting financial transactions. Distinguish between capital expenditure and revenue expenditure, as well as between current and fixed assets.

Suitable for

Private candidates of the LCCI exams. Anyone who work or wants to work in areas of business that will involve the recording of financial transactions

Students preparing to go into the polytechnic or university business/accountancy diploma or degree can take this as a preparatory course

Working adults who want to understand the basic double entry bookkeeping before committing to a diploma or degree program

LCCI Bookkeeping Level 1 Course Outline

  • The Accounting Equation and The Balance Sheet of a sole trader
  • Double-Entry System for Assets, Liabilities and Capital
  • Recording Double Entry for Stock
  • Double Entry System for Recording Expenses
  • Books of original entry
  • Balancing Accounts and Trial Balance
  • Trading and Profit And Loss Account- An Introduction
  • Balance Sheet
  • Final Accounts / Financial statement with Adjustments
  • Bank Facilities
  • Cash Book
  • Petty Cash Imprest System
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Capital and Revenue Expenditure
  • Final Accounts – Control Accounts
  • Accounting for Payroll

Equivalent of pass of GCE O Level English

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The LCCI examination dates can be found in the Pearson LCCI Website or click here for the 2021 LCCI Bookkeeping Exam Timetable

We will guide learners with the application of the LCCI Level exams as a private candidate. Those who have successfully passed the examination will be issued with LCCI level 1 Certificate

Access the LCCI bookkeeping level 1 past paper, syllabus and mark scheme here

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I am very grateful to have had Caleb as my Accounting tutor! Prior to meeting him, I continuously struggled with accounting until I met Caleb who translated the subject into a language that I was able to understand.. at the same time, he managed to make it interesting by using examples to help me better grasp the principles behind Accounting.”
Mark Nicols
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“I am glad I’ve found Caleb to help me with my fundamentals in accounting. He is a very patient tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to help students. In addition… each lesson is carefully planned according to the student’s progress to achieve maximum results. Thank you for making accounting so enjoyable!”
University of Western Austria

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