Before I joined the Master POA tuition classes, I was constantly failing all test. Since I joined at the start of Sec 4, my grades steadily improved and i managed to score an A1 for my Os, despite attending most of my classes online. Caleb’s teaching style and techniques, especially the HBUL method, are very effective and I definitely do not regret joining his class.
Harmony Lu
St Anthony Canossian, Class of 2020
“When I was Secondary 3, I hated POA as I would always get a D7 and below, but then I found MPOA. In MPOA, Caleb taught POA with passion and sometimes told funny corny jokes to engage the class. In Secondary 4, I took my ‘N’ and then ‘O’ Levels in Secondary 5, and in both exams my results is both A1 and A2 respectively. It was shocking to find out a boy who got bad grades back then like a D7 is able to shoot up to an A1 and A2 in just over a year, thanks to the HBUL method Caleb taught me.”
Bryan Choo
Dunearn Secondary School, Class of 2020
Caleb helped me a lot as before I joined my POA grade was C6. Then, he taught me and allowed me to understand many things I did not understand and would even crack jokes to make us remember stuff. Recently, I got an A1 for my prelims and it was all thanks to him #bestPOAtutor
Daphnn Tan
Unity Secondary School


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