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Both of them come from humble backgrounds. They were raised by ordinary families, studied in local universities, paid off their student debt, and worked normal jobs. But with some smart financial decisions and a healthy dose of frugality, the couple are now well-to-do in their 30s.

Loo Cheng Chuan, “Mr CPF”

Achieving An Amazing 1M38! An Interview!
– By Mr Loo Cheng Chuan, Founder, 1M65

Dollars and Sense

If you are a parent, we suggest starting your child’s 1M65 journey early. Start by contributing some seed money to their CPF SA, so that your child can witness the effects of compound interest. Also, we suggest teaching them about the 1M65 strategy early, so that they can get a head start on their peers.” –

Caleb Ho

1M38: The Amazing Feat of Becoming a CPF Millionaire Couple at 38
– Dollars and Sense

Co-Curator 2010-2011
TEDxSingapore 2010, TEDxYouth Singapore
Represented TEDxSingapore in TEDActive 2011 under Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship.
Lead Curator 2011-2014
Stewardship Board 2014-2017

Spirit of Enterprise

“[Caleb] accepted the invitation to serve on the Spirit of Enterprise Board as a Student-Governor, SOE, a non-profit set-up, advances the entrepreneurial spirit through various programmes and activities. It honours local self-reliant entrepreneurs in the hope that this would inspire more Singaporeans, especially the young, to become entrepreneurs.”

Nanyang chronicles

Capturing the Spirit of Enterprise
– Nanyang Chronicles 2005
40 inspiring entrepreneurs receive the Spirit of Enterprise Award – Today, 24 September 2005

Future Ready Tutors

His program has undergone heavy testing in his own classes since 2018 and students have reported significant improvement from F9 to A2 within 2 months for O level POA using primarily his videos for learning with online consultation for additional support.

Future ready Tutors

7 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Online Tutoring – 6 February, 2020

Vulcan Post

… Chizzle is a platform that matches a learning requirement to a skilled teacher.

Vulcan Post

This S’pore Startup Created An App So That You Can Learn Anything From Maths To Mahjong
– January 25, 2018