Master POA with a hand-picked, up-to-date, experienced tutor and excel in the subject – from the comfort of home.

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Founder, Master Principles of Accounts Technologist, Educator, Designer


Our Goal Is To Reach 100,000 Students To Thrive In Accounting

I’ve struggled as an accounting undergraduate in NTU – without any background in accounting, having done pure humanities in ACJC.

Master POA is not just a cheat code. It’s a way of mastering accounting concepts that will ensure your learning sticks and becomes sustainable, while turning your understanding into a skillset useful well beyond the exams.

We’ll learn that here, together. Traditional classrooms are too format-focussed and slow. We are nimble and effective, and the way we learn must be as such as well.

Together, with 100,000 of us, we can change the way we learn accounting into something more fun, more rewarding and more productive.

What Most Students Do

POA Cycle of Defeat

In the decades teaching this subject, we observed how students painfully struggle to memorise steps, journal entries and formats to clear their WAs, MYEs and EOYs – only to achieve dismal results.

Now, the problem with this approach is that with each upcoming test, there are brand new chapters, concepts and formats tested. With each assessment, means new rounds of late-night memorisation and regurgitation for the next day.

After the test, the problem snowballs further. You never seem to ‘get it’ or feel you are too far off to catch up with the new topics as they build on previous’ concepts and foundations.

This rinse-repeat approach becomes a cycle of defeat, until the brain is exhausted from memorising something you really tried but cannot understand.

A rising resentment grows – every POA class you sit in becomes increasingly “dry, boring and confusing.”

Introducing The LEAP Method

Our proprietary LEAP METHOD uses the established J-curve learning framework. The initial part of the ā€œJā€ creates a reduction in satisfaction as the student weans from the memorising approach. With time, effort, and support does the student move through the initial downward part of the curve, and reach the upward portion, which results in remarkable, repeatable results.


Here’s how it works

  1. LOGIC
    Breakdown each exam question into a logical sequence of events and making it relate to real life
    Construct the HBUL equation and solve to find the exact item the examiner is testing for.
    Present the equations in journal entries and financial statements in chronological order.
    Cultivate your ability to recognise HBUL equations across multiple chapters efficiently and effectively and reduce revision time by more than 75%!

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Start Learning More About Master POA

POA Teacher Joy


Up to 4 students per class at Joo Chiat Road with Teacher Joy. Ex-MOE teacher with 30 years experience. Trained in the latest 7086/7 Syllabus

Online POA Lessons


Instructor-led 40 x Weekly 1hr Live Classes
Polls, Quizzes & Digital Worksheets
Extensive Video Library With Worked Solutions
Community Support

POA Holiday Program


Small Group Weekly 1.5hr Coaching
Marking and Personalised Feedback
Private Homework Room
Individualised Digital Repositary
Extensive Video Library
Whatsapp Support

Your Instructors


Meet Your Instructor

Caleb Ho. B.Acc (NTU)

Caleb published his first POA study guide when he began tutoring at age 23 and sold over 4,000 copies with raving reviews of how the summaries, exam tips and concise worked examples resonated with the students’ struggles.

Over 1,000 students were personally taught by Caleb since. The humble study guide has now evolved into a series of publications, self-directed learning video learning platform, interactive LIVE workshops and digital quizzes with instant feedback. His unique approach to applying POA concepts to the financial literacy communities has been featured in Seedly and 1M65.

In May 2023, Master POA launched ChatPOA – an experimental 1:1 personalised AI tutor that is trained on the mega library of training materials from Master POA.

Aside from teaching, Caleb is interested in edtech, travelling and organising community-based events.

Teacher Joy

Joy Ang-Shinchi

Teacher Joy is an ex-MOE teacher, has been teaching Principles of Accounts (POA) over a 35 year span, impacting more than 2,000 students in MOE schools. Her array of education accolades include a Bachelor of Commerce, a Diploma in teaching, a Diploma in Film and Television (Script), a Masters Degree in Education and currently pursuing a MA in Creative writing

More importantly, Teacher Joy brings accounting alive via her wide span of interests and experiences in the manufacturing, overseas postings and career guidance in a local university.
Her witty sense of humor, ability to connect with youths and hilarious comebacks attracted a fair share of fans over the years.

Teacher Joy carries with her the most up-to-date NIE pedagogies and is trained in the latest 7086/7087 GCE O/N Level POA Syllabus. She believes strongly in providing students with the tools and support they need to achieve their dreams. As a lifelong learner, she is able to provide career guidance and mentorship. 

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