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Proven Frameworks

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Instant Access

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Dear Friend, Does Any Of These Sound Like You?


I’m new to accounting. I tried to learn on my own but got CONFUSED by all the jargon and techniques.

I need a step-by-step strategy that allows me to understand POA with ease… without memorising

Cross Arms

My basics are fine. But I’m EXHAUSTED trying to figure out the harder topics as my POA teacher keeps asking us to memorise.

I need a different approach that is easy to understand so I can be amongst the top POA student again.


My child’s doesn’t seemed engaged with his tutor and I am worried he cannot catch up in time.

I want a time-tested, proven strategy, taught by an experienced and engaging tutor who can help my child be a consistent performer in class.

If you’re nodding along to these points… know that you’re not alone. In fact, POA specialist Caleb Ho was in the same shoes as a struggling undergraduate in NTU. He was doing badly for his accounting modules until he figured out how a winning strategy in 2008 with his first POA student who topped her cohort.

Since then, more than 1,000 students were personally coached by Caleb. This is not just about passing; it’s about excelling. The best part? You can now learn the exact learning strategies that Caleb Ho and his students use to jump 20-30% in grades over a few months.

Let us show you a powerful way to turn your POA worries into a double digit % improvement in the GCE O/N level exams—even if you have zero accounting background.

Master POA Online Course By Caleb Ho

Master POA Online Course

Course Overview

Master POA Online Course helps students gain the confidence to understand and excel in Principles of Accounts, regardless of their current experience level.



Are you a total newbie? You will learn the ABCs of Accounting with layman terms AND discover the simplest way to start recording transactions using common sense logic.


Raising Hand

Are you great with some chapters and struggling with others? You will learn how to recognise patterns across chapters that shorten your revision time so you can achieve both speed and accuracy in the exams.

Step into a world where accounting concepts comes alive, guided by Caleb Ho, specialist POA tutor with 15+years teaching experience. Discover the key strategies you need to grasp the principles of accounts and excel in your exams. With our focused LEAP Framework approach, you’ll learn the essential techniques to succeed academically.

Dive into more than 50+ hours of straightforward video lessons designed to simplify complex accounting principles. The Master POA Online course is your gateway to acing your studies and achieving excellence in accounting.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

Explore the wide range of benefits, from expert-led curriculum to peer support, that this community offers to your child’s academic journey in POA.

Double Entry Diagnostics

Double Entry Diagnostics

To identify areas of weakness and determine a personalised study plan suited for your learning style

Smarty Pants

The A-Student’s True Secret

To Being A Consistent Performer Every Term

LEAP Framework

Caleb’s Exclusive LEAP Framework

That Helps You Revise The GCE O/N Level Syllabus in 25% of the time.

TYS Ten Year Series

Exam Strategies

Time Management and Precision Workflows To Finish The Paper Timely and Accurately


The Simple-To-Apply HBUL Formula

That Breaksdown Complex Exam Questions from 12 chapters into Simple Equations for Journal Entries and Financial Statements

Mindset Training

Mindset Training

To Breakthrough Limiting Mindsets and Excel In POA with 100% COnfidence


Empower Your Child’s Accounting Journey with Our Exclusive Online Community

Understanding the importance of foundational knowledge in accounting for secondary school students, we recognize that parents are often on the lookout for resources that will provide their children with the support and guidance they need to thrive.

When your child opens their first journal entries or encounters their initial set of financial statements, they may feel overwhelmed and unsure. Confronted with the intricacies of debits, credits, and the varying accounting concepts, a student might become anxious.

It’s at these critical moments that having access to a seasoned tutor and a community of fellow learners can make all the difference.

At Master POA, we are committed to guiding our students through every step of their accounting education journey with our interactive online community.

Enrol Today
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Enroll your child in Master POA and Secure Their Place in Our Exclusive Online Community Within this community, your child will be able to collaborate on homework assignments, discuss principles of accounts curriculum topics, pose questions, and receive valuable insights from certified accountants including our lead educator.

When a student encounters a challenging accounting exercise, the community comes together to apply our LEAP Framework, ensuring that each learner develops a solid understanding and feels confident in their abilities.

Invite your child to join us today and watch as they grow into confident and skilled accountants, supported by our caring educational family! 😊


What Families Say

Kitron Yong GMSS
Basics Stephanie Ike
Saadhur Jurong SS

Read Zachary’s Story

Principles of accounts portal testimonial
This is Zachary using the MPOA Online Portal in August 2019

Zachary’s mom, Mrs Chia, enquired for MPOA Tuition Classes at Jurong East on 7th July 2019. This was approximately 7 weeks to the prelims and we have already closed enrolment for our over-sized class to provide in-depth, topical coverage which we just did during the June holidays. We were full-on revision mode.

Mrs Chia persisted with a trial but requested we try Zachary to cover a chapter in-depth. At that time our students were using the online bite-size video explainers to bridge conceptual gaps if they didn’t want to wait for the rest of the class to be ready. Zachary was agreeable to give this format a shot. The rest is history.

Since then, Zachary took on 2 sessions of onsite classes every week, watching and listening to the concept explainers during recess in the library and the hour-long commute from St Patrick’s School to the centre at Jurong East. Onsite, he devour the accompanying worksheet sets that comes with the online portal and grab the tutor to clarify his doubts.

Covering two major topics weekly help him grow his confidence. He was finally able to wean from the memorising-method he so dreaded in school and achieved C5 for his prelims.

The bigger shock for his mum (and the tutor) was his decision to drop another subject requiring very heavy coursework within the first month to focus on POA. It was then we learn that he dreaded POA so much prior that it was either that subject or POA he would drop to concentrate his energies.

With other commitments in the revision calendar, Zachary had to reduce the lesson frequency to once a week from September, relying on the MPOA online course and consultations with tutor. The GCE O level results yielded an A2 for POA for Zachary. And a very happy parent.

Not too shabby for a short runway and an over-stretched schedule.


Who’s this Caleb Guy?

Since I love speaking about myself in 3rd person, let’s talk.

Unlike most accounting teachers/educators who teach accounting for a living, Caleb’s been applying accounting and financial concepts since 2008 – mostly in investing, startups in accounting and community events for personal finance. 

When Caleb taught his first POA student at age 23, he discovered that the study guides in the bookstores then (and still is in 2024) were dry and un-engaging. He decided to help his own students by publishing his own and since sold over 10,000 copies with raving reviews of how the summaries, exam tips and concise worked examples resonated with the students’ struggles.

For his applied accounting knowledge in real life and small businesses, he’s been featured in numerous interviews and articles in Yahoo!, Dollars and Sense, 1M65, Seedly, The Straits Times, Vulcan Post. He also sat on the boards of Spirit of Enterprise and TEDxSingapore, curating the best ideas and well deserving entrepreneurs to be platformed for recognition. 

All of Caleb’s approach towards double entries come from 15 years IN THE TRENCHES building, creating, innovating and simplifying when necessary. 

Zero fluff. And 100% real-world and tactical.

And if you haven’t heard of Caleb before, it’s probably because he spends most of his time behind the scenes helping small business owners and non-profits build online learning communities

Invest Once And Benefit A Lifetime With Master POA Online Course

Master POA Online Course

Features included in All Plans

Watch anywhere, anytime, as many times as you want!

Everything you need to know to excel in POA

Financial ratio calculators + AFI calculators with journal entries and F/S extracts + Depreciation methods

Discuss challenging questions with our community of students

Get your questions answered by Caleb Ho and his team

Enjoy new content, updates and exam strategies changes with the syllabus for free


How Is Master POA Online Course Unique from Other POA Tuition Classes?

While it’s important to have a strategy that works, over the years we’ve learned that what truly sets consistently high performing students apart are these: discipline and solid revision materials

Save Time

Caleb’s exclusive, LEAP Framework that helps you revise each topic at 25% of the time.

Confidence Building

Mindset training to execute with 100% confidence

Solid Revision Materials

High quality audio, HD video and Comprehensive notes

POA Tuition Online small group




  • All features above included
  • 12 Course Module
  • Step-By-Step Video Solutions
  • Exclusive Access to Master POA Community
  • Homework Help

  • SAVE SGD 1,248!

Total: $45 * 24 = $1080




  • All features above included
  • 12 Course Module
  • Step-By-Step Video Solutions
  • Exclusive Access to Master POA Community
  • Homework Help

  • SAVE SGD 480!

Total: $47 * 12 = $684




  • All features above included
  • 12 Course Module
  • Step-By-Step Video Solutions
  • Exclusive Access to Master POA Community
  • Homework Help

Total: $87 * 3 = $291



Use this paragraph to add supporting context. Consider your audience and what matters to them, and provide insights that support your topic.

Yes. Our program covers the basics from scratch.

Yes, you can. Topical modules can be purchased via our online shop here.

The length of each video is not evenly distributed. Some topics take 3 lessons (e.g financial ratios) for coverage and is content heavy with explanation and examples. Other topics take 20mins (like correction of errors) to teach the main concepts and much heavier on practice, quizzes and consults.

This is correct. Our naming of the topics are more exam focussed with heavy markers having their own module and theory/self-study type of questions tested in quizzes and smaller ebooks. For example, in chapter 8, we name the topic Bank Reconciliation as it carries the heaviest marks compared to the small subtopics on Internal control which is more heavy on theory and can be self studied or get revised through doing papers.

In this case, our topic is named ‘Bank reconciliation’ instead of ‘Cash’ as named in the textbook. Other notable chapter differences:

1. Trade receivables and trade payables are combined as a chapter in the recordings as they are mirror imaged ledgers and better taught together.
2. The Allowance for Impairment on Trade Receivable is a Level 5 concept and is taken as a core module on its own in our recordings but it’s nested under trade receivables in the textbook.

Certainly. Our consultation hours is offered to students who purchase the online course as as an add-on. You will be given a private room link with your name and private room key where you can upload your questions before the session and we dive right into clearing your doubts over the consultation session. Kindly reach out to us for availability, schedule and pricing for this add-on.

You can contact us directly via the whatsapp button for payment option. On receipt of payment, we will arrange a time onboard you via a video call and guide you through using the portal. This process will be automated from Q3 2023 as we upgrade our system post GCE O/N level Principles of Accounts exams.

Yes. You can make a top up to upgrade your plan. Contact us to calculate the difference and decide thereafter 🙂

In e-learning terms, the difference is that online tuition is a synchronous learning format and an online course is in an asynchronous learning format.

Synchronicity means doing something at the same time, and with learning, it’s no different.

During an online POA tuition session, a group of students is engaged in learning at the same time. There is real interaction with other students. For that, they should be in the same physical classroom, or at the same online environment, such as in a web-platform with real-time interaction with other students.

If synchronous learning takes place at the same time, asynchronous learning refers to the opposite. The tutor and the learner, are not engaged in the learning process at the same time. There is no real-time interaction with other students.

In terms of the breathe and depth of concepts coverage, worked examples and exam tips, considerable effort and resources have been invested to provide the same, effective learning experience and results for students learning via our MPOA online course or POA online tuition.