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POA Online Tuition
Get coached by ex-MOE teachers and tutors with at least 10 years of teaching experience each

Master POA Online with us

Our online coaching program in Singapore started since 2018.

Find out how we have helped hundreds of our students achieve grades they never thought possible, without memorising a single journal entry!

Why is POA so Difficult?

You’ve probably observed your child painfully struggling to memorise steps, journal entries and formats to clear their POA exams, only to achieve a fail or borderline grade.

The issue is that with every additional assessment, your child needs to repeat the same painful process. Because there is brand new content, concepts and skills tested.

There are so many little details your child has to remember and do right to ace the
accounting exams, and while many teachers/tutors share good tips, they leave your child hanging by having him/her memorise steps/ledgers ‘when time is running out.’

And because your child is already struggling to pick up the right POA answer techniques from
the start…

Searching Book
The POA Format-Memoriser Learner Archetype

He or she is in for a much tougher time later, where new concepts and skills are required.

The problem accumulates…and you may find your child telling you that he/she is lagging too far behind to catch up.

Your child may start to feel jaded about the subject.

In our decades teaching POA, this is a crucial point in your child’s learning journey with two possible outcomes: 

Either give up on POA OR seek support to achieve a breakthrough without pointless memorisation.

The thing is, it’s not hard to achieve a distinction in POA at all!

We’ve coached hundreds of students to get that Al/A2 grade.

As experienced educators, we’ll let you a in on a piece of insider knowledge:

It’s way easier to get a distinction grade for POA as compared to maths, the sciences or coursework based subjects like Art or Design & Technology!

SO your child already has an advantage over other O level students by choosing to take Principles of Accounts.

It goes without saying that getting a distinction for POA will help your child get the LIB4 / LIR5 grade to get into his/her first choice polytechnic course or junior college!

Learn about our ex-student Zachary’s transformation below

This is Zachary using the MPOA On-Demand Course in August 2019. 

This is Zachary
Zachary Revising Core Concepts With Aid From Our Video Library

Zachary’s mom, Mrs Chia, enquired for Master POA Tuition Classes at Jurong East on 7th July 2019. This was barely 2 months to prelims and 4 months to O level exams.  

Zachary took on 2 sessions of onsite classes every week.

At the same time he watched and listened to the concept explainers contained in our On-Demand Portal during recess and the hour-long commute from St Patrick’s School to our Jurong East location. 

During the tuition classes, he devoured the accompanying worksheet sets that come with the on-demand portal and grabbed his POA tutor to clarify his doubts.

Covering two major topics weekly helped him grow his confidence. 

He was finally able to leave behind the memorising-method he so dreaded in school and achieved C5 for his prelims, despite having never passed the subject since Secondary 3.

Seeing the quick progress he was making with POA, he decided to drop another subject requiring very heavy coursework, choosing to focus his energy on levelling up his POA mastery. (Note: we don’t advocate dropping subjects at the O levels, but this was a choice that Zachary and his mom felt was best for them)

With other commitments in the revision calendar, Zachary had to reduce the lesson and POA online tuitionfrequency to once a week, relying on the MPOA on-demand course and consultations with tutor.

He eventually got A2 for POA at the O level exams. 

Your child can be like one of our many students who aced POA and moved on to their DREAM post-secondary courses

How Our Students Jump Three Grades In Half The Time…
Using The LEAP Method

The LEAP Method

Our proprietary LEAP METHOD uses the established J-curve learning framework. The initial part of the “J” creates a reduction in satisfaction as the student weans from the memorising approach. With time, effort, and support does the student move through the initial downward part of the curve, and reach the upward portion, which results in remarkable, repeatable results.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Logic – We break down each POA chapter into logical, normalise business activities that make sense, without any accounting jargon.

Step 2 – Equation constructions – We build equations, put them in sequential flows, highlight nuances and common mistakes to derive the missing figure examiners are looking for.

Step 3 – Application – Apply the equation by inputting the missing figure the examiner is looking for FIRST and thereby guarantee that the final figure is correct, BEFORE presenting the rest of the answers in the required formats

Step 4 – Pattern Recognition – With the first three steps in place, we reinforce and repeat the process. This accelerates your child’s progress towards his/her ideal grades. Recognise the commonalities across clusters of accounts and revise all similar accounts (such as all the current asset chapters in chapters 8, 9 and 10) in one sitting vs revising them as 3 big topics.

No waffling, no wasting time on long and draggy poa online tuition or in-person classes.

So that your child has more time to put towards other important subjects as well.

Imagine what it would be like if your child…

Smarty Pants
The LEAP Method Archetype
  • Looks at a question, and within seconds, knows what to do to produce an answer that the O/N level Principles of Accounts marker loves…
  • Can speedily break down and systematically present journal entries that is thrown at him/her..
  • Is able to complete the POA exam comfortably within the time limit, writing LESS but getting HIGHER scores..
  • Is able to stay calm and formulate well-thought responses to unexpected Scenario-Based Questions and ratios analysis that cause other students to panic…
  • No longer feel anxious, lost, confused or discouraged about POA but tackle each exam with calm and confidence.
  • Confidently write down his/her first choice at the Joint Admissions Exercise, knowing that he/she will clear the cut-off point with ease.

Of course, do take your time to decide.

But we need to let you know that keeping our intake small also means that our programmes fill up fast.

We can’t guarantee that there will be seats available you wait until your child is in Secondary 4 to apply. Our Master POA Small Group Coaching programme is usually FULL by Term 1 of your child’s Sec 4 year, and unfortunately we’ve to had to turn away many parents of Sec 4 students.

Here’s A Look At What Your Child Will Get From Our Master Online POA Tuition Program

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Guided Implementation Using The LEAP Method

Online Tuition Medium Small

The Live Coaching Sessions Covers

How to apply the LEAP method to so that your child can produce accurate answers to any type of POA questions in less time, without memorising endless journal entries

Consistent weekly revision with built-in accountability, so you have peace of mind that all exam concepts and skills are covered

Physical Copy Of Master POA Study Guide

Study Guide
222-Page Physical Study Guide

The Study Guide’s Life-saving Features Include

  • How to avoid common mistakes made by most students and get on the right corner of the N/o level exam bell curve
  • How to catch their own mistakes in time, so that they don’t lose precious marks at the exams

“This book is a lifesaver!”

“Cher, I left the book in school and it was gone the next day. I had to run to grab a replacement copy from Popular for tomorrow’s exam because it’s a lifesaver!”
Secondary 3 Student

Digital Quizzes With Instant Feedback

Get regular check-ins with topical quizzes. Find gaps quickly with the instant feedback so you can focus on problem areas to prepare for your weighted assessments and exams

Master POA Portal Mobile


MPOA Video Library
Extensive Video Library Covering All Chapters & Concepts

On-demand concept explainers, worked examples and quizzes to check your understanding.

Access To Specialist POA Tutors

MPOA Illustration ePadegoy 01 05

Small Group Consultations & Individual Homework Room (Fast Forward Plan)

Timely, Personalised Feedback For Actionable Improvements

Private Homework Room 1
Collaborative writing, annotation and note taking private homework room

Guidance and feedback from experienced POA tutors every step of the way through marked assignments, so your child knows exactly what to do to level up his/her score

Don’t take our word for it, hear what parents & students have to say!

Clear Explanation!

I also want to let you know that in attempt to help my son, my hubs watched the videos as well and he said your explanation is very
clear.????????My hubs is not the type who is easily impressed 🙂
Mdm Eng
Mom of X, Student with Special Needs.
May 2021

Jumped Three Grades in 1 month

..prior to your coaching, Z had wanted to give up on POA but now he’s aiming to use POA as one of the subject for L1R5 computation coz he now felt it would be easy to score! thanks for your help! He passed! F9 to C5 (58.5) in just 1 month with you! Our paths should have crossed earlier… than maybe an A? ????
Mrs Chia
Mom of Zachary Chia, St Patricks Secondary 2019

I used to hate POA but now I love it!

Before I entered this tuition, I hated POA so much. Upon hearing my mom signing me up in this tuition, i was really furious because i had 3 other different tuitions and i expected this to be a burden. However, i was surprised that the 1st lesson had already made me want to learn more. Today. I am glad that my mom signed me up because my grades have jumped incredibly and I now love POA:) This tuition is like a short cut to succeeding in POA.
Shavifah Favah Haifa
Hougang Secondary School

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  1. Can’t I Just Figure This Out On My Own?

    Many students try… and unfortunately many smart students, especially those who are good with math, cannot figure out exactly what went wrong when they receive their exam results.
    We have developed the most efficient, quickest approach to delivering the concepts students need to sleep better at night, to give the best resources to their child, and to ultimately relieve the child’s pain of the constant cycle of defeat memorising formats and steps. 
    I have spoken with parents who have done the process over and over, and still didn’t know why their child didn’t do well despite being ‘good with math.’
    You are always free to try… and time is scarce.. why leave it to chance?

  2. I have no basic knowledge of POA. Can I do it?

    Yes. Our program covers the basics from scratch so you don’t need any prior knowledge

  3. How long are the recordings for each POA topic?

    The length of each video is not evenly distributed. Some topics take 3 lessons (e.g financial ratios) for coverage and is content heavy with explanation and examples. Other topics take 20mins (like correction of errors) to teach the main concepts and much heavier on practice, quizzes and consults.

  4. The topic titles don’t seem to be 100% reflective of the textbook titles.

    This is correct. Our naming of the topics are more exam focussed with heavy markers having their own module and theory/self-study type of questions tested in quizzes and smaller ebooks. For example, in chapter 8, we name the topic Bank Reconciliation as it carries the heaviest marks compared to the small subtopics on Internal control which is more heavy on theory and can be self studied or get revised through doing papers.

    In this case, our topic is named ‘Bank reconciliation’ instead of ‘Cash’ as named in the textbook. Other notable chapter differences:

    1. Trade receivables and trade payables are combined as a chapter in the recordings as they are mirror imaged ledgers and better taught together.
    2. The Allowance for Impairment on Trade Receivable is a Level 5 concept and is taken as a core module on its own in our recordings but it’s nested under trade receivables in the textbook.

  5. Can I book a consultation session with a tutor if I’m still unclear about certain concepts?

    Certainly. Our consultation hours is offered to students who purchase the online course as as an add-on. You will be given a private room with your name and private room key where you can upload your questions before the session and we dive right into clearing your doubts over the consultation session. Kindly reach out to us for availability, schedule and pricing for this add-on.

  6. How can I purchase the different program?

    You can contact us directly via the whatsapp button for payment option. On receipt of payment, we will arrange a time onboard you via a video call and guide you through using the portal. (Change payment option)

  7. How is the Quick Start Program different from Accelerator Program?

    In e-learning terms, the difference is that the Accelerator program is a synchronous learning format and an Quick Start is in an asynchronous learning format.

    Synchronicity means doing something at the same time, and with learning, it’s no different.

    During the weekly live group online lessons, a group of students is engaged in learning at the same time. There is real interaction with other students. For that, they should be in the same online environment, such as in a web-platform with real-time interaction with other students.

    If synchronous learning takes place at the same time, asynchronous learning refers to the opposite. The tutor and the learner, are not engaged in the learning process at the same time. There is no real-time interaction with other students.

    In terms of the breathe and depth of concepts coverage, worked examples and exam tips, considerable effort and resources have been invested to provide the same, effective learning experience and results for students learning via our online programs.

  8. How is the Accelerator Program different from the Fast Forward Program?

    Both the Accelerator and Fast Forward Programs are done online in group lessons. The Fast Forward program provides individualised feedback and marked assignments as compared to that of the Accelerator program that is meant for independent learners. Each student will be given an online interactive whiteboard where the tutor will be able to view their workings in real time and give feedback to them on the spot.

    The study guide, worksheets and step-by-step solutions are provided for both programs. Both lessons are done synchronously but recordings will be sent to the students within 48 hours after the lessons have been conducted. Videos can be viewed as long as the students are part of Master Principles of Accounts.

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