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straits times student interview

[On lessons with Caleb Ho..] Singapore Polytechnic graduate Wong Ping Fang, 20, says she had tuition for three subjects - principles of accounting, financial and management accounting, and financial analysis and management - in the first two years of her studies. She says: "I wasn't taught accounting in secondary school, so I was clueless about it when I entered poly. I signed up for tuition because I thought I might fail my subjects, and my tutor helped me understand the complex accounting terms and concepts." She believes the extra coaching helped her score As for all three subjects. She is now a first-year business administration undergraduate at the National University of Singapore.

Wong Ping Fang, ST Interview FEB 8 2015

'He goes for tuition... and he's in poly'


Caveat: All testimonials are typed out verbatim – including grammatical errors, inside jokes and informal expressions 

Bartley Secondary School

When I first started having Caleb as my POA tutor, I was getting F9 for all class tests and even preliminary exams . Caleb brought my F9 to an A1, which was grades I would not expect myself to achieve back then. Caleb always makes the lesson...

Teck Whye Secondary School

Before i joined this tuition, i only passed POA once and after that everything just went downhill. I started hating the subject alot and even planned to drop the subject. My friend, Wafa, told me if i were to join this tuition, it would change my...

St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

Deciding to go to Caleb for POA tuition was the best choice I've made when it comes to the subject. Before I met Caleb I was getting D7s, but in just a few weeks of his tuition, I got a B3 for my prelims and some A1s for small tests, he's a...

Bedok Green Secondary School

Caleb is hilarious and engaging tutor. I have never looked forward to doing POA until I joined his classes. He gives a very deep understanding of the subject which makes doing the questions alot easier. Thanks, Caleb! I'll miss you :')

Fajar Secondary School

Caleb is a very special kind of teacher, no shouting, no unrealistic expectations and not a lot of homework. His classes are fun and enjoyable and easy to follow, and unlike many teachers who force you to finish a question even though you have no...

Bukit View Secondary School

He's really funny in class, always tries to lighten up the mood. He teaches in a way you can understand almost immediately!

Pei Hwa Secondary School

Before going for Caleb's class I was getting only B4's for my test but after his tuition classes I managed to progressed up to an A1. During this past Few months I really change my mentality on poa from hating it to accepting it!! Caleb's lessons...

Manjusri Secondary School

when I first took the subject it was definitely not a subject I'm interested in, my results for POA was Super unpleasent and never presentable at first. Until I met Caleb, and the crazy things we did together with my tuition mates together as a...

Xinmin Secondary School

I first heard about Caleb when I happened to chance upon his poa guide book, master principles of account, a few months ago. It was a complete blessing and I'll never regret buying it. My admiration for Caleb was cemented after I went for his...

Hillgrove Secondary School

Caleb? Three words "Best teacher ever"! Caleb always tells me not to memorize because he wants ths students to understand the topics and learn by heart. He provides students constant help even through WhatsApp messages. Poa went from my most...

Pioneer Secondary School

Caleb has been a very good mentor a he is understanding and goes very in-depth when teaching POA. he has provided many platforms for every understanding foe each topic and put a lot of hard work into it. He has made turn the subject I couldn't...

Hougang Secondary School

Before I entered this tuition, I hated POA so much. Upon hearing my mom signing me up in this tuition, i was really furious because i had 3 other different tuitions and i expected this to be a burden. However, i was surprised that the 1st lesson...

St Margaret’s Secondary School

Very nice, friendly, and “funny”. He’s classes are interesting and the analogy he use are also funny. He really captures his students attention well and he is amazing explanatory with you can understand. Because of his lame jokes!!

Greenview Secondary School

Thank you Caleb for the great intensive coaching that help me to better understood certain topics.
The workshop has also highlight my weakness and be more attentive in answering questions.
I will definately recommend my juniors who need my...

Westwood Secondary School

Caleb is a patient and funny teacher, his 3 days course was really enjoyable, Before joining this course, I hated POA, to me, it was a subject i will never excel in, but after joining, I enjoyed it. And I’m starting to understand it even more....

St Hilda’s Secondary School

Caleb is a great, friendly teacher who engages his pupils. Because of him, I understood and know POA a whole lot better. He always treats us food and is always fun

West Wood Secondary School

Caleb’s way of teaching is totally different from other POA teachers and when I first approached him, my knowledge for POA was rock bottom. But now, POA is a very interesting subject to me. I am now really glad that i approached Caleb for POA...

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Caleb is a fun and engaging tutor who makes tution interesting and less of a chore. He never fails to capture your attention in lessons with bags of sweets and various sugar treats to keep you awake. POA is now no longer the boring and dry...

Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

I was introduced to thid 3-day Crash Course through my friend who goes to Caleb’s tution regularly. I decided to attend the crash course as my Principle of Accounts here always been weak and i never had any interest in this subject. The crash...


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