2011 GCE N’ Level Principles of Accounts (POA) Paper 2 Suggested Solutions!

The GCE N’ Levels Principles of Accounts was over yesterday!

Good news for our friends who are not taking O Level Emaths & D&T – happy holidays!
It was an intensive weekend for my students and I as we racked our brains over the POA crash course from Friday to Sunday.

We identified several questions that came out during yesterday’s paper, including:
1. Source documents
2. Capital & Current Accounts
3. Different treatment for carriages
4. Cash book
5. Partnerships
6. Methods of depreciation and its appropriateness for various assets.

Well, I could go on, except that I’m still in the midst of getting the Paper 1 for analysis/autopsy. 🙂

So, the BIG question is, was the Profit and Loss a Net Profit or Loss in Paper 2?

Check out what most of my students got:

2011 GCE N’ Level Principles Of Accounts Paper 2 Suggested Solutions


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