All the Best for Your Papers Tomorrow!

Thank you all who came for the crash course for such a wonderful time the last three days. You guys are amazing to have sat through a grueling 15 hours of intensive revision. Hope the Physics paper today was forgiving.

Some final pointers before your POA Paper tomorrow:

1. Revise your theory questions. They weigh 33-42% of the grades. Use the notes given to you all on the Frequently Asked Questions Theory Questions and Common Mistakes Made by Students.

2. Key topics for Revision (besides Trading, Profit and Loss):

– Capital and Current Accounts
– Balance Day Adjustments
– Bank Reconciliation & Updating of Cash Book
– Correction of Errors and Errors not Revealed by Trial Balance
– Control Accounts
– Fixed Assets, Depreciation and Provision for Depreciation and Disposal
– Bad Debts, Doubtful Debts and Provision for Doubtful Debts
– Analysis and Interpretation of Final Accounts

3. Sleep early. Because POA is a conceptual subject. You’d need a clear head and a cool heart to deal with the intensity in that 3.5 hours.

To Your Academic Success,

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