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Logic-First Analysis Of Your POA Exam Papers For Highly Targeted Study Plan

Your Personalised Roadmap To Overcome Double Entry Basics, Calculations, Journal Entries and Financial Statements And Long Lasting Results
POA Exam Paper Audit

What Is In A POA Exam Paper Audit Report?

Use this space to write about your company, employee profiles and organizational culture; share your story and connect with customers.

  • Question-by-question analysis for easy identification for areas of improvement
  • Video commentary on overall performance and revision flow to get the maximum results within limited time
  • Recommendations and detailed, personalised study plan in PDF to improve study methods, including recommended courses and format of learning best suited for your learning style
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How Does It Work?

POA Exam Papers Audit



An X-Ray Of Your Study Methods

  • Detailed analysis of each section of the exam paper
  • Eliminate common sources of confusion
  • Direct exam takers effectively and intuitively through the paper


  • Refine the particulars.
  • Revise the wording, directives, and sequence of the exam paper
  • Develop a uniform brand of testing experience throughout the paper
  • Tested strategies that your team can apply when introducing new sections and questions
  • Eliminate common sources of confusion
  • Direct exam takers effectively and intuitively through the paper

Achieve enhanced outcomes from examinee performance.

  • Sustained improvement in exam score optimization and candidate allegiance
  • Methods and plans to raise average scores and lifetime educational achievement
  • Extra components and engagements to reinforce trust in the examination process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Audit is jam packed with insights, ideas and proven tips you can execute and begin revising right away, as well as considerations for changing study approach. We will also recommend courses, study guides or even tutors if you need help in any format of learning.

Our typical turn around time is roughly 72 hours from the time the onboarding questionnaire is submitted. We’re real people, giving real feedback so it takes us a bit of time to make sure we’re providing the most value to you as possible.

Your paper will be audited by Caleb and his team of expert POA tutors. The audit team has over a decade of teaching experience in MOE-schools, local universities and large and small group tutoring settings.

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We will need you to upload your full WA or POA exam paper in PDF format. You can use Camscanner or any suitable PDF app to prepare your document.

Often, students do not know where their problem areas are and parents sign them up with months long tuition classes only to get surprised at the dismal results. The POA Exam Paper audit aims to help students save time by addressing very targeted areas for revision with personalised study plans in a short time, providing a valuable, clear roadmap to catch up quickly with lost time and see results quickly.

Once we’ve completed your Audit, you’ll have a guide for what should be done and how to get the most out
of your POA exam revision. The plan is laid out so you can perform some self-study, but by request we can also have you on our sprint classes, regular weekly POA lessons or holiday intensives. We would only recommend the type of program suitable for your needs after your Audit is complete and we have a full picture of the work involved.

There’s a free account (no credit card required) where we will do 1 question audit for you with recommendations on study approach in PDF. This is once per student only. You will still be required to upload a full paper that includes the cover page of your exam paper with your full name. We do this to prevent abuse 🙂

Certainly! We will take SGD 39 off the first invoice of any Master POA coaching programs when you purchase a paid audit.