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If you are planning to take up a diploma in Business Administration or a degree programme, chances are that you might be required to take accounting as first year or second year academic subject. However, if you do not have any basic understanding of accounting terms, concepts and rules it can be challenging to cope with the classes.

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If you’re starting a polytechnic or university course and require Accounting as a compulsory module, this course is for you.

  • Learn from professionals
  • Go at your own pace
  • Get valuable, honest feedback
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Add-on to your learning with access to an experienced tutor. Our team of expert POA tutors will make sure that you get good understanding of the fundamentals of accounting and learn how to apply them in real life situations. They are also top performers in local and overseas universities, industry practitioners and business owners. Limited 1:1 slots.

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You will get the following goodies when you sign up for Master POA Instructor Led Bridging Course:

  • Personalised 1:1 coaching from scratch online or at your home
  • Access to our Master POA online course module consisting of summary notes, video explainers and quizzes
  • Add-on consultation hours if needed, on-demand once your academic year starts in poly or university

The Master POA Bridging course for students going into the polytechnic and university without any accounting background and need help with the basics of accounting, double entries, financial statements overview and year end adjustments. Students have an option of learning at their own pace using our POA portal or tuition service is at your home or online with our accounting specialist.

If you are an adult learner preparing for a diploma, part-time degree or MBA assignment or exam, you may contact us for your needs – we will pair you with the specialist tutor with the right background to assist you with your requirements

Everything you need to learn about the concepts, overview of the accounting system, double entries and financial statements required in the Singapore accounting standards. Students taking the US, UK or commonwealth countries’ syllabus will find the course useful as we are based on very similar accounting framework.

Students starting their business/accounting degree in Australia will find this course about 80% useful. The remaining 20% can be caught up with our tutors for a small add-on as the contextual examples used in the accounting module is based on mining and manufacturing examples in Australia’s economy context.

We understand that learning and teaching is some times a function of fit. We offer a one hour online trial lesson at $75 to see if we are a good fit. You can top up the difference before lesson 2 if you are happy with the Master POA teaching style.

Simply use the contact form below and indicate the package you prefer and we will get you started.

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