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POA Holiday Workshops
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Our Master Principles of Accounts June Holiday classes are designed to provide an in-depth, comprehensive overview of the most challenging chapters for GCE O/N level POA exams.

The coverage is designed for students with some prior knowledge and intend to master the key concepts and exam strategies to score the best in these heavy-markers. 

All new students who sign up for any of these courses will be given a complimentary copy of Caleb’s famous Master Principles of Accounts Study Guide

Struggling with the key topics?
Our POA Holiday Workshops can help

  • Online (May be the only option in the event of heightened Phase 2 or Circuit Breaker)
  • Bedok (Blk 208 New Upper Changi – near Bedok Mall)
  • Kovan (Blk 212 Hougang St 21 – near Heartland Mall @ Kovan)
  • Jurong East (Blk 135 Jurong East Gateway, right beside Jcube)

The POA Holiday Workshops are specifically designed to tackle the basics/foundations required to tackle double entries and the relationships of the accounting elements in the financial statements. Once the basics is completed, you may opt to continue with the weekly tuition classes conducted at various locations/online.

Fees and Charges

Sec 3 fees are charged at $70/$75 per academic unit (AU) for online/onsite.
In view of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), all our Holiday Classes will be moved online.

Each academic unit represents the number of lesson(s) required to adequately master the topic in a regular tuition setting.
For example, to cover Chapter 6 and 7 on income and expenses, it would have taken 1 lesson each.
Therefore, that’s 2 AUs for the topic.


1. BASICS 1 – DOUBLE ENTRIES26 MAY 2021WED10am-11:30am
3. Trial Balance9 JUNE 2021WED10am-11:30am
4. Statement of financial performance16 JUNE 2021WED10am-11:30am
5. Statement of financial position23 JUNE 2021WED10am-11:30am
6. REVISION 30 JUNE 2021WED4:30pm-6pm


What’s included in the Basics Program

When you enrol, you will receive the Master Principles of Accounts Study Guide (mailed to you, a physical copy), worksheets accompanying the lessons and access to the Student Learning Portal (recorded video lessons for review) throughout the time you are with us.

In an online format, how do we check if the student is understanding well?

Unlike traditional zoom lesson, the platform we use includes a collaborative board where students can write on the same worksheet that the tutor is using. Marking is done LIVE with student/tutor uploading the done work and explaining common mistakes students make during lessons.

After the lessons, the lesson recording will be made available in the student learning portal where they can review specific aspects of the lessons that require deeper review. Our online portal also contains quizzes for students to test their knowledge with instant feedback.

Access to the portal requires orientation, which will be done after the first lesson.

How do I sign up?

You can begin the sign up process by using the enquiry form below. We will advise the best fit class/schedule before completing the registration online. Once we receive your registration, we will send you an invoice for payment. On receipt of payment, we will mail the study guide and send you the link to our first lesson.

Are there any other fees?

There is a one-time material fees of $90 which includes the study materials and access to the student learning portal.

Do you do trial lessons?

We understand that learning/teaching is a two-way street and a good-fit is important.

If you feel trial lessons are necessary, we encourage you to take on 2 of the paid basic lessons (the double entry basics and multi-accounts). If we are a good fit, you can top up the difference before lesson 3.

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What People are Saying

Hear what our past students say!

I am very grateful to have had Caleb as my Accounting tutor! Prior to meeting him, I continuously struggled with accounting until I met Caleb who translated the subject into a language that I was able to understand.. at the same time, he managed to make it interesting by using examples to help me better grasp the principles behind Accounting.”
Mark Nicols
University of Nothingham
“I am glad I’ve found Caleb to help me with my fundamentals in accounting. He is a very patient tutor who is willing to go the extra mile to help students. In addition… each lesson is carefully planned according to the student’s progress to achieve maximum results. Thank you for making accounting so enjoyable!”
University of Western Austria

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